Lila Kelley has been involved in luxurious custom home-crafting since 2000. Specializing in creative and thoughtful space planning, she mixes classical architecture with a deft sense of style and artisan materials to provide stunning results. Lila has collaborated with some of the finest craftsmen in the area to provide homes that are a solid example of integrity and quality. Her ability to vision each space and communicate that to a client is especially welcome.

She personally works in the conceptual phase of each home and also devotes time with homeowners to evaluate their desires for their home and how to provide the utmost functionality for daily living spaces. Lila provides intensive field management throughout your construction process.

A home is an organic representation of your dreams and a place that your loved ones can gather and fill with love, laughter and memories…it will be standing for many years beyond. No two should ever be the same.
Lila Kelley
Principal – Henderson Kelley, LLC.